To find your optimal target vehicles, you'll want to start with an ace up your sleeve.

From the industry's leading valuation guidebooks, to accessing your vehicle history reports, to real-time auction run lists, LaneChamp offers innovative software solutions for the mobile platform that are hard to beat and easy to use.

Information is critical. Timing is everything.

We build solutions for your fast-paced industry. You need tools that not only keep you informed, but also current, and ahead of the pack.

You need tools that are as mobile as your lifestyle.

You are on the go. We build solutions that fit into the palm of your hand. Life simplified.

Speed is only valuable when it produces the right result.

We provide solutions that can eliminate the errors, or losses that occur when using traditional tools.

Buy. Sell. Trade. Smarter.

MaxBidTM. LaneChamp’s MaxBidTM takes into account your subprime lenders’ guidelines, fees, and down payment requirements along with your reconditioning & transport costs, profit target, and PACK to instantly calculate your maximum bid on any car.

Guidebooks. The best guidebook software on the road. Introducing the affordable LaneChamp valuation software. A perfect way for auto professionals to save time, avoid frustration, and best of all, save money. Calculate guidebook values with simplicity and accuracy. Avoid costly mistakes!

Vehicle history reports. With just one tap you can pull a comprehensive vehicle history report in seconds without having to be in the office. Quickly retrieve a customer's vehicle history while working a trade on your dealership lot. Know instantly what you're preparing to trade for. Avoid the hassle of auction arbitration by knowing whether a vehicle has a clean history before you buy it.

Market reports. Now you can be in the lanes at auction and know what a specific vehicle was bought or sold for last week, two weeks ago, even last month. Within seconds, have the actual wholesale auction data, with all the individual transactions, right in your hand.

Auction run lists. Your use of our patented auction system allows you to find "The Needle In The Haystack". When everyone else is scurrying around to find cars you'll be checking values and vehicle history by simply launching the VIN into other GigglePop valuation tools (guidebooks, vehicle history reports, market reports, etc.)

View patents (#8,386,331, #RE42,300, #7,418,408)

VIN barcode scanning. Just scan the VIN for faster access to a vehicle history report or guidebook value.

NIADA Mobile. The auto evaluation app that couples the power of NIADA with the reliability of GigglePop.com — a recognized leader in mobile evaluation solutions for the auto market. Success by association.

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